Aadhaar Pay ICICI Bank API

Aadhaar Pay ICICI Bank API

Transactions Instantly by Using Aadhaar Pay ICICI Bank API

In this modern world, everyone likes to have a fast payment system. If you have a business and wish for a speedy payment collection from your customers, then the Aadhaar Pay ICICI Bank API may aid in the cause. It is a sophisticated system incorporating the latest technology allowing merchants to collect payments via the Aadhar number. It uses biometric authentication for payment processing. It is the system developed by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). The API allows aid in completing a financial transaction. It uses Micro-ATMs for the payment process while the Aadhar number and the biometric data (fingerprint/iris scan) can verify the user. Hence, a customer can transfer the money to the merchant through the Aadhar linked to their account number. It eliminates the need to provide the bank details while completing the transaction. It is the latest payment system allowing secure sending and receiving of money from one account to the other using the Aadhaar number.

Benefits of Using the Aadhaar Pay API From A Trusted Team

Why are merchants looking for the Aadhaar Pay ICICI Bank API Provider to access the API? Here are some of the benefits of using it:

  • ● It is easy to complete banking and non-banking transaction. The Banking Correspondents help with the transactions.
  • ● It is not necessary for the merchants and customers to have the same bank for transactions. The Banking correspondents of a bank can easily complete transactions with other banks.
  • ● Aadhar Pay does not require the presence of the customer’s debit/credit card from completing the transactions.
  • ● To optimize security, Aadhar Pay requires a fingerprint for transaction authentication.
  • ● If you have to plans to start your business in remote areas, you can use the services of the Aadhaar Pay ICICI Bank API Company. The API developed allowed using of Micro POS machines in remote areas for instant transactions.

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