Bank Account Verification API

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Access the Sophisticated API Used to Verify the Bank Account with Ease for Your Business Growth

Your business may involve transactions with the customers. How can you authenticate the bank account provided by the customer? It is now possible for a merchant to verify the accuracy of the bank account provided by the customer using the bank account verification API. Using the API, you can input the banking credentials provided by the customer in the user interface to check its authenticity. SoftPay India has emerged as the leader in providing customers with a sophisticated API that can authenticate their bank accounts with ease. Account verification plays a big role in your business as it ensures the money goes into the customer's account. It also eliminates the need for the IFSC code to access the API. The API developed by the experts verifies the recipient’s authentic account before completing any transaction. The verification process involves the following steps:

• The API allows the merchants/recipients to verify the account number without using the IFSC code of the corresponding bank. It eliminates the need to remember the IFSC code. Also, the recipients can verify and authenticate the salary account of the employee account while onboarding.

• The entire process has become simple with the API developed by the Bank Account Verification API Provider. Instead of going through a long or complicated process, customers can verify the account by only mentioning the account number. It ensures the money transferring process becomes simple and hassle-free. It saves you the time and effort needed to authenticate the account number every time you send money.

Benefits of Using SoftPay India APIs

The APIs developed by a team of experts at SoftPay India have several benefits compared to other options in the market. Here are some of them:

• Seamless Integration

It becomes possible for the customers to complete the integration of the API. You can understand it easily with the guidelines documented provided by the developers. By following the guidelines, it becomes easier to complete the process.

• 24x7 Support

Apart from providing the customers with the Best Bank Account Verification API, the skilled team at SoftPay India also offers 24x7 support. If you encounter any issue during the integration process of the API, the experts can offer guidance to overcome the problem. The team never leaves any stone unturned to ensure the customers understand the procedure with ease. So, it becomes easier to integrate the API without facing any obstacles.

• Simple Documentation

Customers can access comprehensive documentation of the API. It means you can understand the minute details regarding the API with ease. Also, the expert updates the document constantly to ensure the customer can get a complete idea. As the developers cover all technologies, you can use the documentation for guidance.

Softpay India has come up with an easy-to-use API for easy bank verification. The bank Account Verification API Company provides the API for financial entities and banks to ensure secure verification and transactions. The asymmetrical generation of one-time tokens ensures safety of the API. You can connect with the expert team to get the accurate and easy-to-use API.