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The government of India has made it mandatory to register every birth occurring in the country. It is vital to get a birth certificate as it serves as proof of identity. It is the authentic document that establishes the nationality of a person. Also, you can apply for a driving license, passport, health care, or other government facilities with the birth certificate. A birth certificate gives you the legal authority to get all the facilities provided by the government to its citizens like education, access to inherit property, gain employment, open bank accounts, register to vote in elections, and others. The registrars of the villages, towns, and cities of the country have the power to register the birth. Earlier, the process of getting the birth certificate involved visiting the offices of the registrars and waiting in long queues. It meant you have to subject yourself to the hectic process of visiting the offices several times to get the registration done.

The government has now allowed the registration and access of birth certificates digitally. You can use a reputed portal or authorized agent to complete the process. It requires the customer to provide details of the new born baby such as name, gender, the hospital, and the place of birth to register. SoftPay India has developed the best birth certificate API that makes it easier to access the services. It is one of the reputed companies that provide access to the API simplifying the birth certificate registration process. You can access the API at economical rates. Here are the features that make the API from SoftPay India the best platform:

Trusted Service Provider

SoftPay India refers to the trusted service provider offering customized API solutions for the customers. The details obtained while using the API will have no errors. Hence, you can use the API with ease. The expert team can develop an API with attractive features delivered within the deadline. You will feel satisfied with the fantastic services from the experts.

Expert Team

A team of certified experts with experience developing API portals can offer solutions. The white label solutions offered by the experts will address the current business needs. The apply birth certificate API has user-friendly and ease of navigation features. The team of experts provides the best services at the best prices.

Secure API

The API developed by the experts will have security features that will ensure the safety of confidential data. It also includes a safe payment gateway that will help customers feel satisfied.

24x7 Support

The team always provides 24x7 support to the customers. The experts can offer guidance that will help customers address the issues with ease. The full support offered by the experts can help resolve any issues with ease when you use the Birth Certificate Registration API.

If you are willing to start or expand your business, get assistance from the experts like SoftPay India. The birth certificate API provider offers their expert services at competitive prices. Invest in the services of the experts to earn more with ease. The platform provides customized solutions that will ensure the best experience and an edge in the competitive marketplace.