What is Virtual Payment Address (VPA) API in UPI and its benefits

30-12-2022 12:37:41
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Today, a digital transaction has become a common occurrence. Each second a person completes a transaction. We all use online banking facilities to complete transactions. To meet the rising need of people to access digital payment options, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) has developed UPI (Unified Payments Interface). Using the UPI, you can send or receive money without delays. You can access a virtual UPI enrollment API to complete a swift payment transfer. Sending and receiving money from one bank account to another becomes simpler and uncomplicated.

About Virtual UPI Enrollment API

Using the best virtual UPI enrollment API, you can complete digital transactions. To make online UPI payments, you must have a valid ID. The valid ID, also referred to as VPA (Virtual Payment Address) allows the users to complete UPI money transfers. When you complete online transfers, it occurs between one bank to another using the UPI. The VPA of one account gets transferred to the VPA of the other. UPI or the Unified Payment Interface facilitates easy online banking and transferring money online without hassles. A UPI from a trusted virtual UPI enrollment API provider makes it easier for users to send or receive money directly from a bank account. They can also access the account using the UPI ID. A single ID can facilitate various types of transactions.

Benefits of Virtual Payment Address (VPA) API

Ease of Using API By the Virtual UPI Enrollment API Provider

The traditional method of money transfer involves adding beneficiaries. It also requires waiting for the bank’s approval to complete the process of adding beneficiaries. It may take up to 24 hours to complete the adding. When you wish to transfer money immediately, adding an account number and details like IFSC codes can become time-consuming events. You can also make mistakes when you hurry up to complete the transaction. The UPI Collection API can make transactions easier. The no-fuss mode of payments using the mobile phone linked to the account number of the receiver makes the entire process easier.

Working of The UPI Collection API

Receiving or making payments becomes easier using the API. Access to the API can aid in sending or receiving money from receivers from any part of the country. Installing or integrating the UPI into the existing platform can complete various transactions with a few details.

A trusted virtual UPI Enrollment API Provider can develop a feature-rich API to complete UPI transactions. Before completing the transaction, you must log into the API. You can use the mobile number linked to the bank account. Once you use the phone number, you can receive a notification. You must enter the virtual payment address (VPA) and the amount you must send. Send the UPI PIN created while registering with the UPI. The UPI PIN can act as the validation to confirm the identity of the person. Once you verify the person, you can proceed to complete the transaction.

Benefits of Using API From the Top Virtual UPI Enrollment API Company

Using the API, you can complete money transactions online directly between banks. It opens doors to hassle-free money transfers. Compared to other options like net banking, ATM transfer, or other online banking modes, it can offer customers convenience. When you get the API from the top and reputed virtual UPI enrollment API company, you can expect the following benefits:

  1. Other payment modes depend on the bank's working hours. Hence, it becomes impossible to send money at any time. The UPI facilitates sending or receiving money 24x7. You can access the API all days of the year to make online money transfers easier.
  2. You can sit at home and complete payments according to your convenience. Using an API eliminates the need to go to the bank or ATM to complete a money transfer.
  3. Using the UPI, you can complete a money transfer with a UPI id. You may not require others details such as an IFSC code or an account number. You can send money by sharing the mobile phone number of the receiver to complete the transaction.
  4. You can use the Pay IN API without worrying about fraudulent activity. You can complete the transaction after confirming the mobile number of the person you wish to make payment to. Using the UPI app, you can send a text to confirm the transaction.
  5. You can check the UPI reference number to confirm the status of the UPI transaction. You can contact the customer support team when you face any glitches. A dedicated customer support team offers 24x7 assistance to aid the customers.
  6. For any doubts or queries, you can use the unique twelve-digit number known as the UPI ID to resolve them. You get the UPI ID after you complete a transaction. The API developed by the experts can show the status of the transaction once you complete them.

Get The Best Virtual UPI Enrollment API

Are you looking for a reputed platform to get customized UPI collection API? Check out the API developed by the experts at Softpay India. The B2B solution provider company in India has earned the reputation as the best platform to get API to meet business challenges. Here are the features of SoftPay India:

1. The VPA Collection API With Several Features:-The API comes with several features that make it easier to transfer money without complications. You can customize the API to expand the visibility of the business.

2. Pay In API By Experts:-A professional team with experience and expertise in developing customized APIs can help you get solutions at a competitive rate. You can access design, development, and marketing techniques from professionals to make an impact.

3. 24x7 Customer Support:-The VPA collection API can make it easier to transfer money. A dedicated team offers customer support to address all problems faced by clients when they use the API. The customer support team can guide you through the process to ensure you can complete the transaction without hassles.

Softpay India has become the one-stop shop to access API solutions that will help your customers get the best service and boost your business. Increase your brand visibility by standing apart with customized solutions from experts. Make an appointment with the experts to find the best API solutions for your business.


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