Connect with the Best CIBIL score check API company

Are you creditworthy? It is possible to check it with a credit score. The credit score refers to the three-digit number issued by one of the four major credit bureaus in India. CIBIL is one of the prominent and oldest credit bureaus issuing the score. It helps the lenders learn about your ability to repay a loan within the specified deadline. Lenders can check it before giving you a credit card or a loan. With high credit score, you can convince the lender for a loan. Hence, you need to maintain a good credit score. CIBIL issues the score depending on the credit behaviour of the user. It reflects in the CIR. While checking the CIR (Credit Information Report), CIBIL can check the Accounts and Enquiries section. Based on the assessment, you get a credit score. A score above seven hundred can make it easier to get a loan/credit card.

If you are a lender or wish to attract customers to check their CIBIL score, you can use the CIBIL score check API. It is the functional API that makes it easier to check the credit score. But, to get the best results, you need to choose API from a trusted platform like SoftPay India. The developers can provide an API ensuring quick access. It is also easy to embed the API on the mobile apps and official website. Sharing the credit score checking API helps attract more customers to your website. It aids in gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Benefits of Accessing API From SoftPay India

People who wish to access the credit scores of their customers like real estate owners, landlords, property agents, or other small business professionals can connect with the CIBIL score check API company to get the API. It will help look at the credit report in the digital format with ease. Using the API, you can have access to the following:

  • • Check a person’s credit score that can help assess the creditworthiness.
  • • View the credit reports of a person and share them. The report can also include credit inquiries, public records, and the payment history on the accounts of the person.

The CIBIL score check API provider can offer an easy solution to provide the client direct access to a person’s credit score and reports using the functional API. This API can provide customized solutions for lenders, people looking to rent their space, and others. It makes the process of accessing and sharing reports with others easier. The benefits of using the API from SoftPay India include:

Easy Access to Credit Scores

Using the API developed by the CIBIL score check API provider, it becomes possible to provide access to the current and historical credit scores of the customers. Using the Softpay India credit report, you can calculate the credit score to stay on the top.

Access of Credit Scores from Three Bureaus

You can access the current and past credit scores calculated by the three major bureaus to determine any differences.

You can access the Best CIBIL score check API to schedule recurring delivery of credit scores with ease. The team of experts offers 24x7 support to ensure you get the best results without facing any hassles.