Company Verification API


Get MCA company verification API With Innovative Technology

How can you know the authenticity of a company? You can check the CIN (Corporate Identity Number). It is the unique identification number given by the ROC (Registrar of Companies) to verify an organization. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs regulates ROC. Hence, the CIN has the government of India's approval and acceptance. For a company or LLP to get authorization, it must have a CIN. CIN refers to the unique 12-digit alphanumeric code provided by the government to the public or private LLP or company. Using the CIN, it becomes possible to verify and authenticate the identity of the company to eliminate any fraud. If you like to provide the CIN verification, you can complete it with ease using the company verification API. Any customer or business correspondent can use the platform to authenticate the LLP or company details by checking the corresponding CIN number.

About the CIN Verification

The API developed by SoftPay India can authenticate any user with the company details registered with the ROC and MCA. An authentic company takes steps to get the registered CIN. It gives the company/LLP authenticity due to completing the authorization. The API developed by SoftPay India also offers while labelling. You can integrate the API to get the search results with ease. The team of experts has developed the API that can also use a white label with the company name and logo to increase brand awareness. It acts as an excelling marketing strategy that will increase business profits.

With the API developed by the Company Verification API Provider, your business can expand and grow to a greater height. The team of experts always provides customized solutions that will satisfy the customers. It can also help attract new customers to your business. It will improve your business prospects and help you generate more profits.

Benefits of Using API From SoftPay India

SoftPay India provides you with the best Company Verification API that has several attractive features such as:

  • • Easy to integrate the API into the mobile apps or web portals.
  • • Experts can assist you with 24x7 manual integration support to ensure you face no problems.
  • • A functional and user-friendly API with the most-advanced features for a smooth experience.
  • • A team of highly qualified experts can provide support to customers 24x7 all year to avoid any hassles.
  • • The trusted API offering quick and reliable service also ensures high security. It incorporates the latest security techniques to safeguard all the information you have provided from coming under attack by malicious external threats or fraudulent activity.
  • • This API has regular updates to include the latest features and functionalities that will help you gain an upper edge in the online space.
  • • The features of the API can attract more customers. You can increase the revenue by installing the user-friendly portal.

Get the API developed by SoftPay India to get the desired results without facing any difficulties. The API incorporates the latest techniques and technology for the complete satisfaction of the customers. With an expert team providing support, you will face no issues while using the API.