E-Nach API

E-Nach API

Best E Nach API Provider for automatic Recurring Payment

Most of us tend to pay for recurrent payments online. It offers convenience as you never have to go in-person to pay money. It is possible to automate recurring payments. It is beneficial when you have insurance or other payments that you need to complete at regular intervals. A mandate issued by the customer can help with the deduction of the money with ease. You can provide the mandate manually that allows a business or an individual to issue an order to the bank to debit a specific amount of money from the bank account at regular intervals. Using an E Nach API provider, you can make the process simpler, easier, and more convenient.

About the Normal Mandate Process

India has a growing economy. Hence, the government of India has introduced digitization to ensure the country meets the increasing technological demands of customers. The country now encourages to ensure everyone can use net/mobile banking with ease. Among the different features net banking offers, you can give a mandate to banks to deduct money you need to pay recurrently. Experts refer it to as the National Automated Clearing House (NACH). When you need to implement NACH, you have to follow the manual steps to complete it:

  • ● You have to read the instructions in the form or booklet provided by the bank/company and sign it. The bank/company collects the signed form from the customer.
  • ● While reading the form, it specifies the amount that you have agreed to for the deduction. It ensures the amount from the bank account gets systematically deducted.
  • ● The signed form sent to the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) generates a UMRN (Unique Mandate Reference Number).
  • ● The UMRN number has significance as it is the unique number used by the bank to automate the payments of the customer.

It takes at least a week to create a mandate. But, it may take longer when your documents exhibit disparity or the bank finds a mismatch in your physical signature. In such cases, you need to wait for a few more days.

About E NACH

The entire process consumes more time. You can save time and effort by seeking the assistance of an E Nach API Provider Company. The API created can eliminate the tedious process needed to issue a mandate. Using E NACH, it becomes easier to initiate direct debts from your or your customer’s account within two working days. It also eliminates the need to fill out physical forms, get signatures, or face the issue of signature mismatches. E NACH refers to the digital process uncomplicating the whole process. Get the API from the best E Nach API Provider for easy processing and sending of mandate. SoftPay India is the best platform to develop such an API with attractive features. Anyone can use the API. It only requires authorizing and linking the mandate to the account you use. You can use Net-Banking or E-sign feature to complete the process. It avoids the need to sign numerous forms. You can help your customers with recurring payments with the Best E Nach API from Softpay India. It is the platform with a skilled and experienced team who develops API to meet the challenges of the current digital market.