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Recharge FASTag With FASTag Recharge API

In modern times, most of us private transport to travel from one place to another. It is fast and convenient as you never have to wait for others. To travel via highways, the NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) has imposed tolls. When a vehicle passes on the national highways, the toll plazas situated on key points will collect toll tax. It is the amount paid for constructing and maintaining the national highways. Earlier, people used to pay cash on the tox plazas. It led to high waiting times and traffic blocks during peak hours. The government of India has facilitated online payment on toll plazas to reduce the wait time. This online facility, known as FASTag can automatically deduct the toll amount when your car passes through the toll plaza. You need to install a FASTag if you have a four-wheeler and like to drive through the national highway in the country. To get the FASTag, you need to register using the vehicle number. The FASTag makes it easier to cross toll plazas. Not having FASTag means you have to pay double toll tax. Using the FASTag recharge API, you can recharge your FASTag with ease. It makes the process simpler and more convenient.

Working Of FASTag

After registering for FASTag, you get a sticker equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). You need to stick the FASTag on the windscreen of the vehicle. As the vehicle approaches the cameras installed in the toll plaza, it reads the FASTag. The toll fee gets deducted from the account you have linked to the FASTag. The FASTAC refers to the account you have created for the FASTag. You can pay the fees without waiting for a long time. This tag will start working when you activate the pre-paid account. As the amount in the FASTAC gets exhausted, you need to recharge it again. Else, your FAsTag becomes invalid and you need to pay double toll on the toll plazas. Using the API provided by the Fastag Recharge API Provider, you can easily recharge it. The application interface platform comes with several features such as:

  • • You can complete the transaction safely using the SSL. It eliminates the threat of leaking or hacking by the external threats.
  • • It is easy to incorporate the API into another application or a website with ease.
  • • You can access the transaction status via messages sent and the API recharge report.
  • • The API from the Fastag Recharge API Company comes with a 24x7 billing system to provide all customers full-time access.
  • • The fast recharge ensures you never have to wait for too long.

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