Live Train Status API

Know Live Status of Train by Choosing the API From A Trusted Source

Know Live Status of Train by Choosing the API From A Trusted Source

Most people like to travel from one place to another to meet personal or professional commitments. While you have different modes of transport, the train seems like an ideal option for Indians. It is the cheapest and fastest mode of transport. India has the fourth largest network of rails connecting major cities in the world. Indian Railways provides services to various stations in the country to make travel easier to remote places in India. The government has adopted the latest technology to ensure travellers can commute with ease without wasting time. But, how can people know the status of any specific train? Indian Railways now offer to check the status using APIs. The API developed by reputed platforms such as SoftPay India can help you check the current train running status list using the mobile from anywhere in the country. The Live train status API can help people avoid the crowd at the railway inquiry counters. Instead of wasting time in a long queue, you can get the details with ease.

About SoftPay India API

To digitize the railways, the Indian government has started giving information regarding the current status of the trains to the passengers. It helps them know the train’s current status with ease using their mobile phone. When you install an API from the best live train status API provider, you can make it easier to get the details. Here are some of the benefits of using the API:

Get Information Without Delay

Earlier, the passengers traveling via train used to wait for long durations at the stations due to their scheduled train running late. There was no way to know the status of the train until you ask about it at the inquiry counter. With this API, you can avoid the long queue to check the exact status of the train. Based on the results, you can plan the trip. This API helps you keep track of the exact location of the train at regular intervals. If you feel the train getting delayed, you can schedule your travel with another train.

Simple Option to Get Train Status

To get the current status of a specific train, you have to enter the unique PNR number. It is provided by the Indian Railways when you book the tickets. Using the number, you can track the train status with ease. You can also check the train status live by choosing the option.

Expert Team

The team with experienced and skill in developing APIs bring you the Best Live Train Status API that will help you learn the current train status with ease. You never have to wait for long or find it troublesome to operate the API as it has the latest technology. Hence, you can use the interface with ease.

Customer Support

The team of expert also offer 24x7 support to the customers when they face any issues while operating the API. It means you can manage any problem arising when you operate the API.

SoftPay India is the B2B solution provider company that helps businesses with customized solutions to gain an edge in the competitive market. With assistance from Live Train Status API Company, you can know the details of train status and get assistance for other services.