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Use Money Transfer DMT / DMR API Developed By Experts

Money transfer has become a life saviour for many. People who work away from their families can send money home using the money transfer. It is fast and safe. Using domestic money transfer, you can send and receive money from any part of India with ease. The principle behind money transfer may seem similar to that of mobile recharging. Instead of providing the mobile phone number, you need to get the bank account number you need to send money along with the IFSC code. With these details, you can transfer money with ease. Earlier, people used to wait in queues at money transfer centers to send money. Today, the use of sophisticated technology ensures you can complete the process within minutes. You can fill out the web form online and complete the transaction. It means the beneficiary account you have added will get the sum within seconds. The money transfer API has become popular due to fast money transfer services. There are different APIs available. Each one offers different services. Only a reputed platform can provide you with a secure API that keeps your confidential information secure. Softpay India brings you an API for easy domestic money transfer.

About Softpay India

It is the pioneer Money transfer API Provider company using the latest technology to provide solutions for B2B businesses. With sophisticated design and development solutions, the team always provides the best experience to its clients. If you wish to expand your business, you can become a domestic money transfer service agent/retailer. It means you can remit money on behalf of your customers. Since most people in rural areas of India find it difficult to access banking services, you can complete the transactions with ease. In India, domestic money transfer has become popular. With a low density of banks in semi-urban and rural areas, you can integrate the money transfer API to give the best services to the customers.

The features provided by the API include the following:
  • • It is easy to integrate the API into your portal or business website to enjoy great features. It also opens doors to getting high commissions.
  • • The Money transfer API Provider developed on the IMPS/NEFT technology ensures efficient money transfer without any time delay.
  • • The team of experts can offer support to address any problems for a hassle-free experience. The skilled team has experience in developing innovative APIs using the latest technology.
  • • The support team always helps its clients by providing services 24x7. It means you get the necessary guidance to overcome or address any issue with ease.
  • • The robust API offers various services to the customers with ease without compromising on safety. The secure API environment ensures your money and confidential information remain safe.

Softpay India is the best money transfer API provider to different sectors in India. The team of experienced professionals also provides software development services. You can access all API-related services under a single roof. All the APIs come with easy integration features without any room for security concerns. Customers working with the team can expect the delivery of customized solutions that will help them meet the specific demands of the business. Connect with the experts to get the best solutions.