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PNR refers to Passenger Name Records. The Indian Railways mostly use PNR to save the record of the passengers in their IR-CRS (Indian Railway- Computer Reservation System). PNR can help determine the journey details of one or more passengers. The Indian Railway stores the data in the centralized reservation system database. PNR is provided to the passenger when they book a ticket to travel on any train on the Indian Railway. The PNR number contains unique ten-digits and appears on the ticket.

PNR number can help you access the information of the passenger such as his/her name, gender, their travel details. The database also stores information regarding the booking status and the ticket's current status. Since most people in India opt for train journeys due to the convenience and low cost, the demand for tickets always remains high. With the trains having limited seats, you may not get a confirmation for the reserved ticket. The book status of such tickets may remain W/L (waitlist). When some other person cancels the ticket, your waitlist may change. A PNR status can help you determine the current condition of your train ticket. You can use the PNR status verification API from a trusted source to check the real-time status of the train ticket before making the journey. SoftPay India has come up with a responsive API for this purpose.

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